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Hairloss treatments

Hairloss or alopecia, is perceived either as thinning of the hair, or as excessive loss of hairs after shampooing or combing, or as areas of the scalp with complete absence of hair.

There are several conditions that can lead to hairloss. The most common causes are androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium.

Proper diagnosis and determination of the cause responsible for alopecia, are the basic prerequisites for successful treatment of the problem.

In our Clinic we apply modern methods for diagnosis and treatment of hairloss:

  • TRICHOSCOPY and digital recording of hair density and morphology with FotoFinder Vexia System, that ensures accuracy in diagnosis and objective monitoring of response to treatment
  • TRICHOTEST – genetic alopecia test for an individualized therapeutic approach
  • Classic topical treatments with MINOXIDIL and other topical galenic preparations
  • Special food supplements
  • Mesotherapy / PRP