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Vascular laser

Vascular lasers are high technology devices that emit powerful monochromatic light beams intended for the treatment of vascular lesions.

According to the theory of Selective Photothermolysis, the targeted chromophore, which in this case is oxy-hemoglobin, absorbs light energy and heats up, selectively destroying the treated vessels, with no damage to the surrounding tissue. Thus, tiny vessels that produce vascular lesions disappear, leaving the skin clear and healthy.

This highly selective mode of action makes lasers the treatment of choice for numerous vascular lesions of the skin.

The most common vascular lesions are:

  • Linear telangiectasias of the face
  • Spider angiomas of face and trunk
  • Cherry angiomas

Less frequent, though important  lesions, are vascular malformations such as port wine stains and infantile hemangiomas.


Our office is equipped with a KTP vascular laser (532nm).

This type of laser has been proposed as a treatment choice for cutaneous vascular lesions, according to the latest Guidelines of the European Society for Laser Dermatology (2015).

Dr. Matekovits has a valuable expertise in vascular laser treatments.

Treatment usually takes just a few minutes and is well tolerated.

There are no specific requirements before and after the laser treatment, except for rigorous sun protection of the treated area.

Common vascular lesions on the face are usually cleared up in one, maximum two sessions, scheduled one month apart.


Cherry angiomas usually require a single laser treatment.


Treatment cost starts from 100 E per treatment.