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Panhellenic Dermatologic Surgery Congress

Dr. Athina Matekovits participated in the largest and most successful Dermatologic Surgery, Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology Congress ever held in Athens, Greece. She also took part in the Nail Surgery workshop conducted by the distinguished Professor Eckart Haneke from Germany.


13th Dermatologic Congress of A. Sygros Hospital

Dr. Athina Matekovits was invited as a speaker at the annual meeting of “Andreas Sygros Hospital for Skin and Venereal Diseases”. She presented a talk about the usual mistakes to be avoided in systemic acne treatment.


15th Panhellenic Congress of Dermatology

Dr Athina Matekovits, presented a talk during the Photo-dermatology session of the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Dermatology, which took place in Thessaloniki,  31/10 – 3/11/2019. Her speech elaborated on topics such as photo-immunology and photo-aggravated skin diseases e.g. Lupus Erythematosus.